Parish of West Arichat, Isle Madame, N.S.

 1889 Birth/Baptismal Records




1. Marie Catherine Benoit born December 12, baptized December 13, 1889 child of Jacques Benoit and Marie Catherine Deslauriers, godfather Thomas Deslauriers, godmother Virginie Benoit...Priest Amable Mombourquette

2. Simon Charles Pierre Boudreau born and baptized

December 3, 1889 child of Sigefroi Boudreau and Elizabeth Poirier, godfather Albert Boudreau, godmother Eugenie Boudreau...Priest Amable Mombourquette

3. Sara Josephine Boudreau born and baptized December 19, 1889 child of Jean Boudreau and Angelique Roy, godfather Albert Roy, godmother Eugenie Benoit...Priest Amable Mombourquette

4. John Michael Boyle born September 29, baptized September 30, 1889 child of Dougald R. Boyle and Mary Ann Tyrell, godfather Oscar Theriault, godmother Maria Theriault...Priest Alexander Beaton

5. Emile Cesar Clory born January 11, baptized January 25, 1889 child of Abraham Clory and Eliza Forrest, godfather Emile Forrest, godmother Emilie Jane Forrest...Priest Alexander Beaton

6. Guillaume Albert Clory born September 29, baptized September 30, 1889 child of Desire Clory and Philomene Meunier, godfather Desire Meunier,

godmother Charlotte Meunier...Priest Alexander Beaton

7. Marie Sabine Rose Decoste born June 6, baptized June 7, 1889 child of Marrain Roy and Adeline Decoste, godfather Sigefroi Decoste, godmother Marguerite Anne Decoste...Priest Alexander Beaton

8. Joseph Lorenzo Forest born and baptized November 24, 1889 child of Remi Forest and Marie Boudreau, godfather Emile Forest, godmother Sophie Boudreau...Priest Amable Mombourquette

9. Marie Albertine Forgeron born August 9, baptized August 11, 1889 child of Charles Forgeron and Marie LeBlanc, godfather Ernest Simon Abel, godmother Sabine LeBlanc (Landry)...Priest Alexander Beaton

10. Marie Barbe Louise Forgeron born September 29, baptized September 30, 1889 child of Placide Forgeron and Louise Boudreau, godfather Thomas Boudreau, godmother Marie Barbe Deslauriers...Priest Alexander Beaton

11. Marguerite Anne Forgeron born October 4, baptized

October 5, 1889 child of Felix Forgeron and Virginie Lejeune, godfather Jean Boudreau, godmother Julie Forgeron...Priest Alexander Beaton

12. Marie Alvina Forgeron born November 2, baptized November 3, 1889 child of Jean Forgeron and Gertrude Meunier, godfather Edouard Forgeron, godmothr Josephine Babin...

Priest Amable Mombourquette

13. Marie Louise Forgeron born December 14, baptized December 15, 1889 child of Sigefroi Forgeron and Anne Fougere, godfather Jean Forgeron, godmother Louise Fougere...Priest Amable Mombourquette

14. Marie Bertha Fougere born June 24, baptized June 25, 1889 child of Laurent Fougere and Catherine Robertson, godfather Joseph Fougere, godmother Marguerite Anne Robertson...Priest

Alexander Beaton

15. Andre Clifford Fougere born and baptized December 8, 1889 child of Pierre Fougere and Catherine Meunier, godfather Edouard Forgeron, godmother Marie Meunier...Priest Amable Mombourquette

16. Ida May Fougere born and baptized December 15, 1889 child of Thomas Fougere and Hortance Forgeron, godfather Charles Forgeron, godmother Marie J. Forgeron...Priest Amable Mombourquette

17. Marie Genevieve Gerard born November 27, baptized November 28, 1889 child of Frederic Gerard and Marie Meunier, godfather Ephren Gerard, godmother Victoire Forgeron...Priest Amable Mombourquette

18. Gilbert Rene Gerroir born and baptized May 21, 1889 child of Desire Gerroir and Marie Genevieve Paon, godfather Benjamin Theriault, godmother Marie Malvina Gerroir...

Priest Alexander Beaton

19. Martin Wallace George born February 6, baptized March 15, 1889 child of Emis George and Marie Jeanne Pelham, godfather Guillaume Pelham, godmother Marthe J. Pelham...Priest Alexander Beaton

20. Marie Isabelle Landry born December 10, baptized December 11, 1889 child of Simon Landry and Marie Louis Gerouard, godfather Miller Boudreau, godmother Marie Louise Landry...Priest Amable Mombourquette

21. Marie Elizabeth Alma LeBlanc born and baptized September 25, 1889 child of Emile LeBlanc and Elizabeth Roi, godfather Abraham LeBlanc, godmother Marguerite Roi...Priest Alexander Beaton

22. Marie Eve LeBlanc born November 4, baptized

November 5, 1889 child of Simon LeBlanc and Brigettane Josse? godfather Jeffrey LeBlanc, godmother Marguerite Anne Robinson...Priest Amable Mombourquette

23. Marie Sabine LeBlanc born and baptized December 9, 1889 child of Marin LeBlanc and Bregitte Gerouard, godfather Fred Robinson, godmother S.? LeBlanc...Priest Amable Mombourquette

24. William Roderick McDonald born February 23, baptized February 26, 1889 child of John McDonald and Jane McDonald, godfather James Robinson, godmother Sarah Robinson...

Priest Angus J. Chisholm

25. John Hugh McDonald born April 30, baptized May 2, 1889 child of Angus McDonald and Mary McEachern, godfather James Robinson, godmother Mary McDonald...Priest Alexander Beaton

26. Flora Mary McDonald born April 22, baptized May 2, 1889 child of John McDonald and Marie Fougere, godfather Joseph Fougere, godmother Anne McDonald...Priest Alexander Beaton

27. Marie Bregitte Anne Meunier born December 13, baptized December 14, 1889 child of Joseph Meunier and Charlotte Lejeune, godfather Desire Clory, godmother Louise Meunier... Priest Amable Mombourquette

28. Joseph Cesar Meunier born October 22, baptized

October 23, 1889 child of Jean Meunier and Henriette Deslauriers, godfather Edouard Deslauriers, godmother Sophronie Meunier...Priest James M. Quinan

29. Joseph William Meunier born and baptized September 11, 1889 child of William Meunier and Marie Forgeron, godfather Pierre Forgeron, godmother Eliza Meunier...Priest Alexander Beaton

30. Sigefroi Albert Paon born July 29, baptized July 30, 1889 child of Sigfroi Paon and Elizabeth Beausejour, godfather Jean Beausejour, godmother Celina Paon (Doiron)...Priest Alexander Beaton

31. Arthur Isidore Poirier born March 13, baptized March 14, 1889 child of Isidore Poirier and Virginie Paon, godfather Pierre Poirier, godmother Sara Duion...Priest Alexander Beaton

32. Dominique Cleusy (Joseph) Poirier born November 22, baptized November 23, 1889 child of Pierre Poirier and Seraphine Duillon, godfather Isidore Poirier, godmother Delima Chaisson...Priest Amable Mombourquette

33. Marie Anne Stella Roy born April 19, baptized April 20, 1889 child of Hubert Roy and Virginie LeBlanc, godfather Laurent LeBlanc, godmother Henriette Anne LeBlanc...Priest Alexander Beaton

34. Joseph Remi Samson born November 15, baptized November 16, 1889 child of Laurent Samson and Marie Charlotte Theriault, godfather Willie Bonin, godmother Sophie Samson...Priest Amable Mombourquette

35. Remi Alexandre Samson born and baptized October 7, 1889 child of Benjamin Samson and Marie Roi, godfather Arthur Roi, godmother Seraphine Mury...Priest Alexander Beaton

36. Marie Melvina Theriault born March 14, baptized March 15, 1889 child of Benjamin Theriault and Emilie Forgeron, godfather Guillaume Theriault, godmother Sophie Samson...Priest Alexander Beaton

37. Simon Joseph Alphonse Theriault born August 7, baptized August 9, 1889 child of Pierre Theriault and Marie Sabine Boudreault, godfather Joseph LeBlanc, godmother Marie LeBlanc...Priest Alexander Beaton

38. Marie Alma Theriault born October 18, baptized October 20, 1889 child of Abraham Theriault and Barbe LeBlanc, godfather Amedee Theriault, godmother Alice Theriault...Priest James M. Quinan